Cookie Policy

Similar to other commercial websites, this website utilizes standard technology called “cookies” and web server logs to collect information about how this website is used. Cookies are a feature of web browser software that allows web servers to recognize the computer used to access a website, among other things, which are described below. 这些小块的数据被用户的网络浏览器存储在用户的硬盘上.


因为许多网站依靠cookies和/或其他跟踪工具来帮助定制用户体验, 大多数互联网浏览器最初的设置是接受它们的. You can disable cookies or other types of tracking tools through your computer or device’s Internet browser settings. 然而,如果您禁用cookies,本网站的某些部分可能无法正确运行. You should check your Internet browser settings if you have any questions regarding disabling cookies.


有许多不同类型的cookie以及它们所收集的数据的用途. Information gathered through cookies and web server logs may include the date and time of website visits, the pages viewed, time spent on our website, 这些网站在beat365亚洲版下载网站之前和之后被访问过.


For example, this website may place temporary “session” cookies on your computer or device to help us confirm who you are and to help you navigate the website during your visits. 当您关闭您的网站浏览会话时,这些会话cookie将被自动删除. 通过会话cookie收集的信息是聚合的. 这些信息都与你个人无关.


We may use services hosted by third parties, such as Google Analytics, 收集有关用户如何使用beat365亚洲版下载网站的信息, 允许beat365亚洲版下载编译报告并改进其功能. 一些第三方服务收集聚合的非个人信息, 例如由浏览器作为网页请求的一部分发送的信息, IP addresses, time and duration of website visits, and/or how you found our website, such as via a search engine or social media.


Other third party services may also combine the personal information you provide us (such as your email address) with cookies or other website tracking mechanisms. These services may be used to gather information, allowing us to provide you with more information about products or services in which you might be interested. 当您在网站上提交个人信息(如您的姓名或电子邮件地址)时, beat365亚洲版下载将询问您是否同意beat365亚洲版下载使用它来营销和宣传beat365亚洲版下载的产品和服务.


“Do Not Track” and tracking protection

一些较新的互联网浏览器已经加入了不跟踪功能, and when turned on, they send a signal to the websites you visit, 告诉网站你不想在浏览时被跟踪. 各网站对这些“请勿跟踪”信号的反应各不相同, 因为对于如何解释“请勿跟踪”信号,目前还没有一个共同的理解. 由于这种缺乏清晰度,beat365亚洲版下载的网站没有响应浏览器不跟踪信号. 因此,大多数cookie将继续被存储,直到您选择删除它们.